I Heart My Groom Films

Crafting Happy


This is us!


Well, We are Madison and Felicia…. like “bye Felicia”, the founders of I Heart My Groom. No, we aren’t sisters but you wouldn’t be the first ones to ask.  Just besties who drink a ton of coffee, travel the world together and we like to one up our photo booth game! Errrday.


We let you be you!

What it’s all about!

We are here to capture everything the way that it happened. It’s important to us that you have something you can look back on, to share with family and friends and to relive one of the best days you’ve ever had! We are here to help, give you plenty of high fives along the way and help you celebrate in style!


In order to best serve our couples and ensure the highest quality work, we take on a very limited number of weddings.


Felicia in a Nutshell…

No really! The brighter the better with her. Also, take her back to the 70’s amd give her a pink flamingo if you want to be friends. It’s a sure thing.


We are kinda really

into Super 8!

We think it is Super Duper!


We aren’t all fun and games… THats a lie! We totally are.


We may be a little out of focus but you know what?! We are having Fun!


we will go wherever your hearts desire!






Destination weddings are some of our favorites. If you are traveling for your wedding we are so there! Be it a tropical island, a snow drift, the desert or anywhere in between, our passports are always on standby and we are ready to go. So, where are you getting married?


 A photograph smiles but a film will laugh back!!

Crafting happy is more than just what we do, it is who we are! Let’s craft your story together.