it’s super duper

Super 8mm

Super 8mm film is a motion picture film format released in 1965. It’s what most home movies were filmed on during that time frame. And we just love it! We have 3 different types of cameras and typically use color film, but every now and then you’ll catch us using black and white! If you like the look, let us know and we can talk about adding it into your film!

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ITs playful

Super 8 brings a sense of fun to the day that we have found you can get with just digital coverage. It is a retro camera and people are always interested in what we are doing and they are more than willing to wave or jump just to be on film.

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The light though

With any film, still or motion, light is captured in an amazing way. Sometimes there are interesting light leaks or flairs, sometimes it is soft and almost glows. It is truly like Christmas when we get the scans back.

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More than just a mish mosh

On days where we are using Super 8 we make sure to film with both mediums, film and digital. In this way, we have the feeling of nostalgia from the super 8 and the bright crispness of the digital coverage.

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We just love it! What can we say? On your wedding day, super 8 or not, we tend to filming from our hearts. We make these films for you and with great love.